Expert Perspective

“As a neurosurgeon I often see the tragic outcome of road crashes that could have been prevented by drivers making better choices. This is why I am pleased to be closely involved in outstanding road safety initiatives such as the NSW Government “Don’t Rush Campaign” and the Road Safety Education Limited “RYDA Program” that are helping everyone to choose wisely on the roads .

Everyone thinks road trauma can’t happen to them but I know it can – and it does. Broken bodies and broken lives go hand in hand with the choices we make on the road. I have seen it time and time again and it has to stop.

Youth road trauma is a major community problem, a huge economic cost and a tragedy for families when it hits ‘home’. We must be providing our most at risk drivers and their passengers with the best possible road safety education to help them make better choices when on the road. As the pre-eminent road safety educator of youth in Australasia, Road Safety Education Limited’s programs for novice drivers and passengers are evidence based and designed to comply with government guidelines.

As a Vice Patron of Road Safety Education Foundation I am pleased to be supporting them to help develop a road safety culture that will contribute to reducing road trauma; less deaths and life changing injuries on our roads.”
(A/Prof Dr Brian Owler AM, MB BS  BSc(Med)(Hons) PhD FRACS, President of the Australian Medical Association, Vice Patron Road Safety Education Foundation)


“As a Police officer for over 40 years and NSW Police Commissioner for 5 years, I have personally seen all too often the devastating impact that road trauma can have at all levels of the community.

Over the years I have seen that a range of road safety initiatives including improved vehicle safety, better roads and the graduated licensing scheme have all helped to reduce the road toll however too many people, especially our novice P plate drivers and their passengers, continue to die or be seriously injured on our roads.

I believe that the road toll can’t be reduced unless individuals, particularly young people, accept a greater level of responsibility for their actions on the road. Because it’s not the car that speeds, it’s not the car that crosses double yellow lines – it’s the person behind the wheel.

I have long advocated that the key to making our roads a safer place rests with driver education programs – ideally starting in primary school and continuing through to senior high school students. We must develop a road safety culture in schools – we must develop safer attitudes towards driving.  Any road safety education program must support behaviour change through interactive learning that is age appropriate and importantly must promote social and peer responsibility. I also recognise the importance of sustainability through broad community engagement with all stakeholders including schools, government, the corporate sector, volunteers and of course the Police.

I was pleased to accept a role as Vice Patron with Road Safety Education Foundation because I know that through the RYDA Program and their other education initiatives, they are committed to providing the best possible road safety education for youth throughout Australia. ”
(Kenneth Moroney AO APM MBA, Commissioner of the NSW Police Force from 2002 until 2007, Vice Patron Road Safety Education Foundation)


“Road safety education plays an important role in shaping the attitudes and behaviours of young people – ensuring they become responsible drivers and passengers.   We need to help young people to develop the tools they’ll need to keep as safe as possible – give them the facts, show them the potential dangers, explain ways of keeping safe, look at choices and consequences and build their understanding and skills.

It is essential that we are providing our young future road users with road safety education that is meeting individual needs and supports behaviour change through interactive learning, local relevance, age appropriate content, and promoting social and peer responsibility.

As Vice Patron of their Foundation, I am very pleased to endorse Road Safety Education Limited (RSE) in their mission to provide evidence-based road safety education that supports the development of a road safety culture, contributing to a reduction in road trauma.”(The Honourable James Wood AO, QC, Chairman of Law Reform Commission of New South Wales, Former Supreme Court Judge, Vice Patron Road Safety Education Foundation)


“Developing attitudes to safety is a life skill, that starts with parents and can then be furthered by schools and other structured education environments like RYDA.

As the baby capsule is strapped into the right position for that first drive home from hospital the parenting responsibility for road safety begins!  By insisting that seatbelts are always done up before the driver turns on the car engine, the squirming toddler learns that this is the only way to travel.

Schools can then add more formal safety education through the life skills contained in the curriculum. This is important in broadening the child’s understanding in the context of their peer group. Positive reinforcement of safety and risk assessment skills is powerful in the peer group setting of the classroom, the playground and the sports field. When parents and teachers work cooperatively to help children learn vital attitudes and skills, lives can be saved.

As parents and as teachers we recognize the vulnerability of our adolescents and young adults. The age at which most drivers learn to drive is a time when overconfidence can lead to disaster. We cannot speed up the process of maturation of the frontal lobes of the brain but we can do our best to encourage young drivers (and their passengers) to take safety seriously. Safe attitudes lead to safe behavior.

Congratulations to the Road Safety Education programs that contribute so much to the educational resources for our young drivers.”
(Gillian Moore AO, Principal of Pymble Ladies’ College (Retired), Vice Patron Road Safety Education Foundation)


Educator Perspective

“With many of our students affected by road trauma, it was such an important day in the broader context of their ‘life education’. The range of road safety themes covered for young drivers was impressive and the workshops were informative. It provided an important message at a key time in a young person’s life. It quite possibly might save a life!”
(Principal, Wonthaggi Secondary College, VIC)

“I would like to convey just how worthwhile the day was.  It had students buzzing for weeks.  All students, without exception, got a lot of practical and useful information from the different sessions and were quick to talk to their teachers, family and fellow students about what they had experienced.”
(Career Advisor, Kaipara College, NZ)

“The presenters were of a very high quality and the feedback from the students during our debrief back at school was extremely encouraging. Nothing beats real life education and that was exactly what the students participated in today.  It would take us weeks to get across what each of the experts manage to do in 30 minutes. Every student will have Raymond (Crash Survivor) in their minds and hearts for some time.”
(Teacher, Burdekin Catholic High School, QLD)

The program is outstanding.  The presenters are well organised and extremely knowledgeable – we all learnt a lot (staff and students)
(Teacher, Great Lakes College, NSW)

“Thank you for the program and delivery yesterday. It gave the students (and us staff) cause to stop and reflect on our driving and the consequences of our decisions.”
(Teacher, Redlands, NSW)

“I just had to quickly comment on the kids reactions to their [RYDA] day.  They were very happy to talk about how good the day had been and I have also had feedback from a teacher/parent who said his son hadn’t stopped talking about it at home that night.  Well done and thanks.”
(Teacher, Lawrence Area School, NZ)


Extremely useful & very effective program.  Kids were highly engaged and learned a lot!! (Teacher, Gympie State High School, QLD)

“Thank you for presenting such a worthwhile workshop. I had heard great things about RYDA and it absolutely did not disappoint. I think the kids took a lot away from the day, as did I. It was informative, interesting and as hard hitting as it needed to be for such a serious topic. The people at Rotary did a fantastic job and couldn’t have been friendlier and kinder. The whole day was much appreciated by my students.  Thanks again.”
(Teacher, Eden Marine High School, NSW)

“We participated in the RYDA Program in order to encourage students to take ownership and responsibility for their own safety and that of their friends. We felt it was important for us to educate the ‘whole student’ and this was our last chance to provide them with valuable life skills before they left school and were faced with the challenges of being a driver. We had a fantastic day and the students found it to be a positive and worthwhile experience.”
(Teacher, Vermont Secondary College, VIC)

“On behalf of the staff and students from Windsor Gardens Vocational College – we’d like to extend our thanks once again for another successful RYDA program.  Today the students were issued their certificate of attendance. This sparked conversation, and it was great to hear the students talking so positively about the day. In my opinion, what makes the RYDA workshop so successful, is the super organised structure of the day, the passion that the facilitators bring to their workshops, and of course the support and catering offered from the Rotary Volunteers.”
(Teacher, Windsor Gardens Vocational College, SA)

“Our students gained a wealth of useful information, ideas and cautions from participating in your RYDA program. I know that it will make a difference to these students and their lives. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your professional and friendly communication in facilitating this road safety education.”
(Teacher, Elanora State High School, QLD)

“This is a really worthwhile programme. Presenters were great and the material was pitched well to the Year 12 audience. Lots of practical activities and real life situations presented were good methods of conveying the information. Student responses were positive and the group maintained its attention throughout”
(Teacher, Massey High School, Auckland)

“I would to thank you, the volunteers and presenters for providing the students with such a high quality and valuable presentation – we were impressed with the organisation, content and presenters and believe this is an excellent program for our students to engage with the issues and responsibilities of safe driving.”
(Teacher, Centenary Heights State High School, QLD)

“Our students came back to school with a lot to reflect upon.  It was great to try and prepare them for what is statistically proven to be one of the most dangerous times of their lives.”
(Teacher, Como High School, WA)

“The students had a great day and came back talking about the information they and learnt. Hopefully they will effectually be better drivers for it. Our school picks up young people who come from disadvantaged backgrounds, have mental health issues and other barriers to learning. To see them so engaged on Wednesday was a delight to the staff with them. Thank you again for such an engaging program.”
(Teacher, Alesco Illawarra, NSW)

“The RYDA Program workshops were informative, interactive, exciting, heart touching and definitely relevant for young people about to take to the road. An excursion we are already planning to include in our program next year. Thanks again for a great day out!”
(Teacher, Sandringham College, VIC)

“One of the most worthwhile learning experiences for young people. The RYDA program engages students and provides them with information to make them safer drivers.”
(Dean of Special Programs, Southport State High School, QLD)

“Highly engaging, well planned and enjoyed by all students that went. A real eye opener for young drivers that they need to know a car is more than a machine.”
(Teacher, Montague Continuing Education Centre, VIC)

“The sessions were fun, informative and enlightening. I recommend every student does this program before they ‘get behind the wheel”
(Teacher, Nazareth College, VIC)

“Attitude Matters!  A day at RYDA provides practical real world  life skills that gives new drivers insight into the responsibilities of being behind the wheel – Your life, Your Decisions”
(Teacher, Cleveland District State High School, QLD)

“Students are endorsing the day and making really good decisions for themselves.  One young man said that he made a good decision based on information that he got from the RYDA Course.  This is only the tip of the iceberg.  I have had reports back from parents who said that their son/daughter had learned a lot from the day and would recommend everyone doing it.  Thanking you and everyone involved.”
(Teacher, Kaipara College, NZ)


Parent Perspective

“My daughter went to the course at Homebush yesterday and was very impressed.  The training was just great – all the limits we have put on her, and the way we’ve taught her to drive, all came into play and she could see the reasons for our ‘control’…I did hours of commentary drives with her, which has shown her where and what to look for.  In the past she’s bucked us about our refusal to let her get in the car with other p platers, now she says there’s no way she would.  Job done!  Great job, thank you, the impact on the girls was huge.”
(Parent, Tara Anglican School for Girls, NSW)

“My daughter has just come home full of enthusiasm for the driving safety course today. She found it very valuable and I can see how it has made her think. Especially she was impressed by the guest speaker who had brain injuries as a result of a driving accident. He sounded incredibly brave to me, sharing such an horrific experience with others, in the hope of potentially helping save them from a similar fate. Please pass on my sincere thanks to him if that is possible. He is really making a difference. I’m grateful that my daughters school is so proactive in educating our girls about this very important issue.”
(Parent, Queenwood School for Girls, NSW)

“I cannot begin to tell you just how much I got out of the day. Apart from feeling like a ‘’fly on the wall’’ of my teenage son who did the same course a week earlier I really got to experience the new, exciting and often dangerous world of a new driver.  As the ‘’first instructor’’ of my son I really felt the need to understand this new experience from his perspective and your trainers / instructors did a wonderful job of coaching, demonstrating and educating these youngsters.

Throughout the entire day I never felt for a second that the teachers were trying to scare or belittle these young people. They spoke to them and educated them in a way where all the teenagers felt respected as people and as future drivers.  After my son came along to RYDA he started to drive with more respect for my car, his life, the safety of his passengers and the road. I pray this continues.  I really felt that his attitude as a driver AND as a passenger had changed. I thank you and your team for what you offer these students.”
(Parent, Waverley College, NSW)


Student Perspective

“On behalf of our school, I would like thank you and inform that this day was the most valuable day to any teenager as they will start driving soon. We all enjoyed the Presentations made, the experience car crash surviver BLAKE and his presentation and practical hands on experience with the STOPPING DISTANCE. It really changed my perception of driving. I again thank you on behalf of my school for Educating us about the safety awareness on roads.”
(Student, Epping Boys High School, NSW)

“It was a very hands-on day that was engaging and got the message across easily. I learnt so much from it and the friendly and informative speakers have really changed my approach to driving and how I am going to handle different situations. It was definitely a very valuable experience.”
(Student, St Cuthbert’s College, Auckland)

“I would just like to say thank you to all the volunteers and organisers for such a great day, I learnt a lot of things that I know will help my in the future to make sure I make the right choices.”
(Student, Alexandra State High School, QLD)

“It was a very valuable program and we will all apply what we have been taught about our behaviour when we are in a car.  The sessions were very well organised and informative.  We really enjoyed experiencing the car brake rapidly and the effects on the passengers.  The Crash Survivor session was an inspiration to so many of us.  It affected us on a very emotional level and it was a privilege to experience this first-hand knowledge and effects of the crash.”
(Students, Victor Harbor High School, SA)

“Thank you for the amazing experience, I feel as if I have learnt a lot of valuable information concerning road safety which I intend to put to good use when I eventually learn to drive. Good luck for further endeavors and I hope that you make as much impact about our roads and driving to other students as you have done to me. Thank you.”
(Student, Mansfield State High School, QLD)

“I’d like to say that I really enjoyed the course that you offered and the opportunity it gave me to become a safe driver. It has given me the motivation to get my Learners license but it has also informed me of the dangers on the road and how i can minimise them. I believe the course you are offering is a great learning experience for ALL students and i feel privileged to have taken part with my school. I wish you all the best in the education of future students and all the work you do in minimising road accidents.”
(Student, Newington College, NSW)

“The program was extremely eye opening for me and has caused me to be more cautious on the road as well as inform my family on the danger so thank you.”
(Student, Mansfield State High School, QLD)

“Everything I learnt today I will never forget and has encouraged me to try and become a safer, more alert driver. I think that every learner driver should definitely go to this program.”
(Student, Earnshaw State College, QLD)

“In ‘The I in Drive’, we did the test to see what our highest personality risk areas are, mine is ‘speaking up’.  I am already looking into why that is and how I can improve it.”
(Student, William Carey Christian School, NSW)