RoadGuide Flyer

This printable flyer gives parents an overview of the RoadGuide workshop.

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A parent’s guide to decision making in teens

From getting beyond drunk at a friend’s party, to some seriously questionable outfit choices, teenagers often do things that seem outlandishly stupid. But we now know why: the areas of the brain that control decision-making don’t fully develop until early adulthood.

A teen’s developing brain places them at greater risk of being reactive in their decision-making, and less able to consider the consequences of their choices. So how can parents help their teenagers learn and apply good decision-making skills?

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Teaching someone to drive

Keys2Drive is an Australian Government-funded program providing learner drivers and their parents/supervisors a free driving lesson with a Keys2Drive accredited professional driving instructor.

Their website has some great advice to help you supervise a learner driver.  Learn how to pass on the art of safe and confident driving, and empower your learner driver to find for themselves the skills of road safety awareness.

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Commentary Drives

Commentary driving is a technique whereby the learner driver “speaks out” all his/her observations, interpretations, evaluations, and intentions relevant to the traffic situation.

Even learning just the basics of commentary driving improves how drivers use their eyes and how they think while driving.  The purpose of a commentary drive is to teach drivers to process visual inputs more efficiently and become used to noticing much more on the road and reacting automatically to it.

Find out how to coach and conduct a commentary drive.

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Going Solo

The Monash Injury Research Institute have put together a 16-page booklet called “Going Solo” designed to inform parents of the risks their newly licensed son/daughter will face, particularly in their first year on their P-plate licence.

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Parent-Young Person Safe Driving Agreement

If you have a new driver in your house, use this agreement to talk about safety.

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Would your child know what to do if they were involved in a crash?

Here are some steps we recommend they take. It’s a good idea to print this out and keep in the glovebox.

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Toolkit for Parents of Teen Drivers

Check out this website and learn about some of the major issues for teen drivers and get tips on how to discuss them and put solutions into practice.

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Helping your teen choose a safe car

Use this helpful guide from ANCAP to understand vehicle safety features.

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Are you fatigued right now?

Driver Fatigue is one of the 3 big killers on our roads. Take this quick test from Transport for NSW before getting on the road.

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Driver fatigue calculator

Driving and fatigue are a dangerous mix, increasing your chances of having a crash. The NZTA have put together a handy driver fatigue calculator which could help you see if you are at risk of being affected by fatigue.

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