Social Impact Study

Road Safety Education Limited, supported by Partner, Toyota Australia, undertook a four year study into the social and economic impact of the RYDA program on Australian and New Zealand communities.

The Social Impact of RYDA

This study was undertaken to measure the social and economic value created by the RYDA program in terms of the impact, primarily on participating students, supporting a road safety culture in our society and contributing towards the reduction of trauma.

In particular, we focussed on changes in knowledge, attitude and behaviour in relation to students’ risk in cars. We also evaluated impacts on teachers, parents, facilitators and program volunteers.

The Social Impact Study evidence shows that RYDA reinforces government and community road safety measures and, importantly, plays a critical role in filling the gaps where there are no established measures, thereby helping to reduce the burden of health, infrastructure and human costs.

The annual financial cost of youth road trauma is enormous with over 400 deaths (approximately $2.4M per death) and more than 2,400 life threatening injuries (each costing between $1.8-3.8M), amounting to many billions of dollars every year.

Annually, RYDA costs just $2M and impacts over 50,000 students, their teachers, parents and the broader community. Purely economically, the potential reduction in road trauma resulting from the RYDA education program represents a significant financial contribution to society. Socially, the value is immeasurable.

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Social Impact of RYDA Program