RSE’s purpose is to save lives (our Vision) through the provision of world-class road safety education for youths (our Mission). This requires effective corporate governance with appropriate organisational structure, systems for internal control and risk management and personnel engagement.

The parent company of the RSE group, Road Safety Education Limited, is incorporated under the Corporation Act 2001 (Aus) as a public company limited by guarantee.  RSE is a registered charity and not-for-profit organisation operating as an educator of youth across Australia and New Zealand. The group is headquartered in Sydney NSW, Australia and operates in New Zealand through a subsidiary of the same name. The group also comprises Road Safety Education Foundation in Australia and the Road Safety Education Advisory Council established by Charter within the parent company. RSE in both countries, partners with corporations, government agencies, Rotary and civil society.

The directors of each board are responsible for corporate governance and the parent board in Australia is also responsible for the governance of the group. This includes maintenance of policies in relation to health and safety of staff and stakeholders engaged in the delivery of RSE’s education programs. Operative and administrative responsibilities are delegated by the parent board to the CEO & Managing Director. Each board meets regularly and monitors the achievement of qualitative and quantitative objectives against plans and other key performance indicators. Strategic direction is set by the parent board in conjunction with the CEO & Managing Director, who along with his team is responsible for implementation. The group’s financial reports are audited annually and extracts from these reports and a detailed report about operations are published in our Concise Annual Report.