Terms & Conditions of Supply

Road Safety Education Limited (“RSE”) is the provider of the RYDA Program. To participate in the Program (including the one-day workshop), schools complete the RYDA Program Booking Form. By completing and sending RSE this form, your school agrees to the below Terms and Conditions of Supply.

Cost of RYDA

The headline cost of the RYDA Program (including workshop) varies somewhat from region to region but is approximately $60 per student. However, the cost to your students will be much less as the program is subsidised by the community including our partners, official supporters and governments. The ‘fixed cost’ or ‘cost per student’ will be outlined in your Booking Form.

Booked versus Actual Student Numbers

Your school will be invoiced for the number of students booked by your school to attend the workshop, or the number that attend, whichever is the higher.  However, if your school is attending on a fixed cost basis (as per the booking confirmation form), your school will be invoiced at this fixed price.

Significant change in student attendance

For logistical purposes, if you think your school’s student attendance numbers will significantly (+/- 20%) vary from your originally booked numbers, you must let RSE know as soon as possible and preferably more than 30 days prior to the workshop. RSE will work with your school to revise the booked number.

Program Access Fee (PAF)

The PAF has been introduced to support a best practice whole school approach.  It ensures all RYDA schools have access to all pre-workshop resources and post workshop resources including those on the RSE Learning Management System.  The fee enables RSE to commit to logistics in setting up RYDA workshops and contributes towards the costs of our digital resources for RYDA schools throughout the school year.

The PAF is based on a per student rate on the booked student number a school enters on the Booking Form and will be charged along with the Program workshop fee.

Should your school cancel the confirmed workshop date, the PAF amount will automatically be invoiced, unless the booking has been rescheduled within the same calendar year. “Force majeure” circumstances. e.g. bushfire, flood will be considered on a case-by- case basis.

The PAF rate will be reviewed in June of each year and any changes will apply for bookings made the following calendar year and will be recorded in the Booking Form.

Cancellation policy – workshop

RSE may incur cancellation charges or costs from external third- party providers, if your school cancels or reduces the actual student numbers from original booking (as outlined below).  School cancellation may also require repayment of grant funding (notwithstanding RSE has incurred cost in preparing for the workshop) and impact future year grants.  Therefore the following cancellation terms will apply:

  1. For cancellations received:
    1. more than 30 days prior to the RYDA workshop date, no charge will be applied, unless RSE incur external cancellation charges g. from a venue. RSE reserve the right to recoup some or all the external charges at its discretion.
    2. less than 30, but more than 10 work days prior to the workshop date, the school may be invoiced 50% of final student numbers confirmed (or 50% of the original student numbers booked, if final numbers had not been confirmed).
    3. less than 10 days prior to the workshop date, the school may be invoiced 75% of final student numbers confirmed (or 75% of original student numbers booked, if final numbers had not been confirmed).
  2. If a school re-books and attends a RYDA workshop later in the same school year (with comparable student numbers to the original booking), depending on the circumstances, up to 75% of the cancellation fee paid could be rebated against the new workshop final invoice.

Health & Safety Compliance and Teacher Supervision

On any workshop day event, the school must ensure there is at least 1 staff member for each session group. Generally, we recommend 1 teacher for every 25 students in attendance to maintain normal supervision and discipline, as well as compliance with health & safety requirements for excursions, set by the Department of Education.

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Use of Materials under the RYDA program for education purposes


To support extended learning under the RYDA Program, the following permissions are given by RSE to each school acquiring the RYDA Program (see confirmed Booking Form).

  • Each school receives permission from RSE to use the Materials from the time the Program is acquired by a school until the end of the calendar year in which the school attends the RYDA workshop;
  • Linking: Linking to this website is permitted provided that the links are clearly acknowledged. Links to materials and resources contained in any of the website’s password protected portals is not permitted without the express written permission of RSE;
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RSE may change these Terms of Use from time to time. Check before re-using any content.


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