Linking RYDA to the New Zealand Curriculum

The New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) has produced an extensive suite of road safety related resources directly linked to Achievement standards and the Motor Industry Training Organisation (MITO) also have developed a range of unit standards for contextualising road safety.

The RYDA Teacher’s Companion and website lists these resources next to each RYDA session topic to help teachers see how the NZTA resources can be used alongside the RYDA workshop context.


Achievement Standards

NCEA level 1 and 2 assessment resources have been certified by NZQA and have the Quality Assured Assessment Material trademark.  Comprehensive secondary lesson plans and resources are provided for a number of curriculum areas and topics:




Unit Standards

MITO has a range of unit standards that specifically focus on Road Safety and make a great follow up to the RYDA workshops.


Level 2

17563 Unit Demonstrate knowledge of the New Zealand Graduated Driver Licensing System (GDLS) 3 Credits
3462 Unit Demonstrate knowledge of traffic law for the purpose of safe driving 3 Credits
3464 Unit Describe human risk factors in terms of a self-management strategy for a driver 3 Credits
3465 Unit Describe driving hazards and crash risk reduction strategies and responses to driving hazards 3 Credits
3472 Unit Describe factors contributing to and consequences of road crashes 1 Credit


Level 3

1734 Unit Demonstrate knowledge of stress, health and fatigue for driving 5 Credits
3466 Unit Apply risk reduction techniques and strategies while driving 4 Credits