Speed & Stopping …. safety first (Aus)

RYDA is all about making our roads a safer place and that starts with creating a safe environment at our workshops. This short course will guide you through the safety procedures for conducting the Speed & Stopping session as part of the RYDA Workshop.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility. While our Program Coordinators and Day Managers make the important decisions about how the Speed & Stopping demonstration is set up, they do not have their eyes everywhere and cannot know all the conditions that could endanger participants. Therefore, our facilitators and volunteers are important ‘sensors’ for potential harm and incident reporting. 

Regardless of the new or usual set up to a demonstration area, we ask, that anyone on site reports any safety concerns they may have to the Program Coordinator/Day Manager in charge so it may be quickly resolved. As people experienced in conducting this demonstration, advice from our Speed & Stopping facilitators is highly valued and we ask that they conduct a thorough check of the area before delivering their session – this should take into account variables such as weather conditions, the car they are using, road condition and pedestrian or vehicle traffic.

Please complete this revision course on the Speed and Stopping Health and Safety requirements which will help you identify areas for concern in the future. It is not possible to cover every scenario in this short course so each workshop must be individually assessed. The course includes five lessons and two quizzes to test your knowledge and application. You must complete and pass both quizzes to complete the course. To get started, click on Lesson One: Shared Obligations below.

As you progress through the course, please click the yellow button at the bottom of every lesson to mark each section complete and/or undertake quizzes.

We need to mark the quizzes so there will be a short lag between you completing the course and it showing up at 100% complete

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